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A few words about clep exams and the free clep study guides you'll find on this page:

First of all, CLEP examinations are considered Lower Level credit in most colleges. For the majority of the 120-credit degree plans, 90 of those credits will be lower level, with the remaining 30 (Usually your senior year) being upper level credit. If you're in need of upper level credit, DANTES and ECE's are probably what you're looking for.

If this is your first CLEP and you're still feeling nervous, I've put together a list of CLEPs rated by difficulty which you can find here - **Clep Difficulty List** Go ahead and pick one of the easier ones to start off with if it doesn't matter which exam you take.

Let's look at some of the CLEP exams available to us and what degree categories they usually fall into. The number to the right of each is the amount of credits ACE recommends to be awarded for a successful pass. Click on any of the below titles to go to that exam's free study guide.

Tip: Bookmark this Clep exams page (Press Ctrl-D) and come back often to reference the free clep study guides found below. It's good information to have at your fingertips as you create your degree plan!

Free Clep Study Guides

History and Social Sciences

Composition and Literature

Science and Mathematics


Foreign Languages

**Retired Exams**

The ACE recommendation for credit provides a good baseline, but that's all it is. Your school makes the final determination on the actual number of credits awarded, and what that credit will count towards. It is always a good idea to check with your school to determine what their policies are. The good news is, as mentioned before, almost all colleges award at least some credit for CLEPs. Every credit you get through CLEP exams puts you ahead of the game.

If you need a specific exam for your degree plan, then click on its name in the above list to be taken to its study guide. You may notice on each page I've also included a difficulty rating for the exam based on how most people feel about it after they take it. You can use that if you like to determine exactly how much extra effort should be put into studying.

While this list may seem a lot to swallow, you should consider it as a good thing. Look at all the options you have to earn college credit! I guarantee you that there is at least one exam on this list that if you took right now you'd have a decent chance of passing. With a little bit of targeted studying, you can knock any of these out the ballpark!

Best of luck!