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Excelsior College Examinations, or ECE's for short, are another option for those testers looking for Upper Level (UL) credit. While Excelsior does offer some Lower Level (LL) tests, the bulk of the ECE's found in the Arts and Sciences categories, as well as Business and Health Sciences satisfy UL requirements.

They do tend to be a bit more expensive than the CLEP or DANTES exams, and general consensus is that they are more difficult as well. However, if you need Upper Level credit, and are in a hurry to get a requirement done, then ECE's are just what you're looking for. Most colleges will accept Excelsior College Examinations just as easily as they will CLEP and DANTES credit. As always, make sure to check with your advisor first; in the end it is the school's decision.

As with our other formats, you can click on each of the below titles to go to that exam's study guide. Excelsior also has a number of nursing degree ECE's which I did not include. You'll be able to find those degrees here: **Nursing Degree ECE List**

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For the rest of the Excelsior College Examinations please see below.

Arts and Sciences

  • Abnormal Psychology - 3 UL Credits
  • American Dream - 6 UL Credits
  • Anatomy & Psychology - 6 LL Credits
  • Bioethics: Philosophical Issues - 3 UL Credits
  • College Writing - 3 LL Credits
  • Cultural Diversity - 3 UL Credits
  • Earth Science - 3 LL Credits
  • English Composition - 6 LL Credits
  • Ethics: Theory & Practice - 3 UL Credits
  • Foundations of Gerontology - 3 UL Credits
  • Introduction to Music - 3 LL Credits
  • Juvenile Delinquency - 3 UL Credits
  • Life Span Development Psychology - 3 LL Credits
  • Microbiology - 3 LL Credits
  • Organizational Behavior - 3 UL Credits
  • Pathophysiology - 3 UL Credits
  • Religions of the World - 3 UL Credits
  • Research Methods in Psychology - 3 UL Credits
  • Statistics - 3 LL Credits
  • World Conflicts Since 1900 - 3 UL Credits
  • World Population - 3 UL Credits


  • Ethics: Theory & Practice - 3 UL Credits
  • Human Resource Management - 3 UL Credits
  • Labor Relations - 3 UL Credits
  • Organizational Behavior - 3 UL Credits


  • Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School - 6 UL Credits

Health Sciences

  • Foundations of Gerontology - 3 UL Credits
  • Human Resource Management - 3 UL Credits
  • Psychology of Adulthood and Aging - 3 LL Credits

It's true that ECE's are more expensive than CLEP and DANTES exams. It's also true that these examinations are usually more difficult then the other two options. The strength of Excelsior College Examinations however, comes from the sheer number of Upper Level options it provides.

ECE's have often allowed Seniors missing one or two classes to graduate on-time. For that reason alone, they should seriously be considered if testing is an option for you.

Best of luck, and get studying!


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