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Abnormal Psychology ECE
A Free Study Guide!

Abnormal Psychology ECE Free Study Guide

Name of Exam: Abnormal Psychology ECE

Number of Questions: Around 130 (varies)

Time Limit: 180 Minutes

Passing Score: 45 is a "C"

Cost: $240 + Sitting Fee (Usually no more than $20) at your testing site. Military can take ECE's for free with Tuition Assistance. Check with your Educational Officer!

Exam Description:

The Abnormal Psychology ECE covers the same material one would learn in one semester of an upper-level Abnormal Psychology course. It covers the history of the field, nature of common psychological disorders, classifications and treatments.

Personal Thoughts:

Though I'd ask you to be careful approaching any ECE with the expectation of an "easy" test, this is probably one of the closest to that title. You'll need to study well, but it boils down to memorization for the most part. If you've taken any of the other psychology exams like the Introductory Psychology CLEP, you'll probably be a bit more prepared than someone who has not.

InstantCert does have some flashcards for this exam, and the practice tests from Excelsior will also help you out. All that being said, make sure you know the material before walking into the test.

Exam breakdown:

The Abnormal Psychology ECE is broken down as follows:

25% Introduction and Basic Issues
60% Disorders
15% Treatment, Prevention and Legal Issues

Areas of Study

I'd highly suggest downloading the Excelsior College Examination Content Guide for Abnormal Psychology from Excelsior. At the moment it's behind a password protected area for Excelsior College students only. That doesn't do anyone else any good, so I'm currently talking to Excelsior to obtain permission to host them on FCP as well.

Introduction and Basic Issues
(25% of the Abnormal Psychology ECE)

Abnormal Psychology

Theories, Paradigms, and Perspectives

Classifications and Diagnoses


(60% of the Abnormal Psychology ECE)

Anxiety disorders

Mood disorders

Dissociative disorders

Psychological factors affecting physical conditions

Eating disorders

Sexual and gender identifying disorders

Substance use disorders

Psychotic disorders

Delirium, Dementia, Amnestic and other cognitive disorders

Life-span development disorders

Factitious disorders

Personality disorders

Treatment, Prevention, and Legal Issues
(20% of the Principles of Supervision DSST)

Recommended bargain-priced study resources

Always check your library first! You may be able to find some of these for free. You don't have to buy the officially recommended resources all the time. If you're the type of person that prefers to study from a textbook source however, then please see below.

Abnormal Psychology - One of the Excelsior suggested books for this exam. This is an older version, but you can pick up a used copy for $12 at the time of this writing which is a far sight better than $100+ for the most recent edition.

Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach - Another Excelsior recommended textbook. You can pick up the Kindle version for $16 or the loose leaf (which is exactly what it sounds like, no binding) for $20.

InstantCert Academy Abnormal Psychology Exam Feedback - I've linked directly to page four of this thread since it covers the most recent version of the exam. Tons of good info here. Don't forget to check out the Abnormal Psychology Flashcards, as well!

If you don't know what InstantCert is, then click here for the scoop as well as a discount code: **InstantCert Academy**

You'll find an InstantCert link for every exam here if that gives you an idea of the amount of information they have available. It's an outstanding resource.

Closing Thoughts

As with all Excelsior Exams, I highly encourage using their recommended resources and practice exams. Excelsior crafts these exams carefully and about the only way to be sure you get everything you need is by using those resources. The practice tests, while not cheap, are a great resource for almost all of the ECE's and I almost always use them. Study what you miss on those and you will be better prepared for the real exam.

InstantCert covers this exam well, but does have some holes. I'd use the above resource in addition to the IC flashcards. You can do it!

Best of luck!

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