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Free Practice Clep Tests!

You have three primary options for free practice CLEP tests.

For starters:

Free-Clep-Prep currently has a free, full-length practice test for the following exams:

American Government CLEP
Biology CLEP
College Mathematics CLEP
English Literature CLEP
History of the US 1 CLEP
Humanities CLEP
Intro to Educational Psychology CLEP
Introductory Sociology CLEP
Principles of Macroeconomics CLEP
Principles of Management CLEP
Principles of Marketing CLEP
Principles of Microeconomics CLEP

We're working on others all the time, so if you don't see the one you need here, check back in a bit. Also, don't forget about our free DSST practice tests!

If you are in the US Military:

You can access study resources and practice exams through the the online libraries of your respective branches. The company that runs the online library for the DoD got a little upset about how high FCP was ranking in the search engines and asked us to remove the direct link and even the name. Because of this, as much as I'd love to point you to these great resources, you'll have to go through your education office. If your education officer doesn't know about them (some don't), you can find them yourself by googling "Practice Tests" and "MWR Library". Hopefully common sense will prevail and I can link directly to the resource again soon. I'm in the process of talking with some of the DoD folks to get the corporate politics out of the way.

If you live in Indiana (or another state with a great library system):

Indiana libraries have a great system called 'INSPIRE'. Though it used to be open for everyone, it seems the practice tests through INSPIRE are now strictly for Indiana residents. If you're lucky enough to live in that state, then you should check your local library's website for access to INSPIRE. If you don't live in Indiana, you can check with your library to see if they've subscribed to the Gale Center's "Test and Education Resource (TERC)". If they aren't, why not make a request for them to do so? It's a great resource and not only for CLEPs and DSSTs.

How do the free practice clep tests work?

Regardless of which option you choose, a little strategy is in order. I'll take the exams as many times as I need to feel confident, but often I'll go through it three times. How you take the exams is completely up to you, but here's my usual process:

  1. I study with all of my other resources first, and then take the first practice test.
  2. I write down what I miss on that practice test, and hit the books again studying on those areas, not just particular questions.
  3. I take my second test, and do the same as before. More study!
  4. I take my final practice test. By now I should be nailing most of them correctly.
  5. If I'm still way off base, then I go into serious cram mode before the real exam. I'll also look for other study resources that more closely follow what I've seen on the practice clep tests.

"What do the scores mean?"

This is often one of the most commonly asked questions I get. People want to know when they are "ready" to take the real exam based on the score of the practice tests. This varies for every person, but generally speaking, if I score above 65-70% consistently (at least three times in a row) then I feel confident that I'll make at least the minimum score to pass, which for most schools is a 50. You'll need to check with your student advisor to see what your school considers a passing score. If they require a higher number, an easy way to adjust is just to add those points to the percentage. If they require a score of 60 for example, just add 10% to my earlier 65%-70%.

I would highly suggest you take these practice tests multiple times, even if you blow the first attempt away. Even if you pass by a comfortable margin, there will probably be at least a few things on there that it will force you to look up and do a bit more studying. Extra studying is never a bad thing! Every little bit helps!

These practice clep tests are truly great resources, even when they used to cost money. If you qualify to use them, then I highly, highly suggest you take advantage of that opportunity!

As always, best of luck on your testing!


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