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Test Taking Tips and Strategies

I'm horrible at taking tests!

The Test Taking Tips and Strategies page is here to blow that excuse out of the water. By far, that's the number one reason I'm given why people don't take CLEP, DSST, or Excelsior Examinations. It's like the person believes they are doomed to always fail tests. That's a bunch of bull. Anyone can be a good tester - It just takes practice.

Most people are still using the test taking habits they learned on their own in elementary school. If they somehow stumbled upon the good habits, we say they're "good at tests". I'm one of those "good testers", and I can assure you that we're nothing special. I'm not smarter than your average person, and my memory is absolutely horrible. (Seriously, I have a hard time with names two minutes after I'm introduced). So how do I pass all these exams? By using good habits like the "3-Pass-Method" and the "First Question Head-Fake".

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One of the great things about learning is that it never stops. I'm always looking to find better ways of doing things, and that includes test taking. Do you have your own test taking methods? Please share them with everyone below. Much like our other User Submission areas, I'd like this place to be where we all help each other out. As time goes by, I'll take the most popular tips and include them in the Ebook (with proper credit of course)

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Other Readers' Test Taking Tips and Strategies

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Charlie J 
Multiple choice: It's last time through the test, only a couple minutes left and you "just don't know" the correct answer to a question asking for a correct …

Write a fake cheat sheet 
Imagine that you are going to cheat on the test. Cut out a small piece of paper that is only 2 inches high at the max and 2 inches wide. Writing with very …

Remember, there is no such things as a bad test taker! Not rated yet
Whether you believe it or not, you are tested every day. What determines if you "pass or fail" is how you approach the situation. Nobody walks into every …

What got me through school Not rated yet
First, take a deep breath. Make sure you have eaten, gotten enough sleep, and studied. Next, go through each answer cross of the ones you definitely …

My Test Taking Strategies Not rated yet
I find that most of the time if I cram for a test too early, I have already forgotten most of it by the time I take the test. I find that if I cram …

Cram it! Not rated yet
I do not know that this is for everyone. Cramming has the reputation for being the method of last resort, or one used when the test was forgotten or studying …

Some simple tips Not rated yet
I just draw tree diagram which includes key points of whatever I learn for the exams. Then recollecting all the notes that I had learned by reviewing with …

Mental Relaxation before a test. Not rated yet
Getting ready for a test is strenuous. Luckily, I know a few tricks to help take the edge off. For Studying, you will want to go to a nice quiet place …

First Answers are the best answers Not rated yet
It is nerve wracking to take an exam especially if it is an important one. I have come across a lot of important exams and the most important tip I have …

Do Not Over Study! Not rated yet
Tests give students a case of the nerves and cause them to over study. Studying is, obviously, a great way to pass your test. However, it is very possible …

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