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Excelsior College Exam Feedback List

What is this place you ask? Well it isn't a forum.

InstantCert has a great forum for general discussion which you can read about here. This is more closely related to InstantCert's Specific Exam Feedback threads. While I recommend everyone sign up for IC to get access to that forum (simply because it rocks and will help you pass) I've often wondered - How much exam information is missed because people can no longer access the forum without paying for it?

So I know the people who subscribe to IC post in IC's Exam Specific Forum, but what about those folks who haven't discovered IC yet? Maybe they used REA? Or AcetheClep? Or Passyourclass? Did the material help prepare them for the real thing? What about the exam itself? Was there anything on there that they didn't expect? The Excelsior College Exam Feedback area was created to hopefully answer those questions. To give you a place to share your experiences and read the experiences of others. While you won't find any of IC's Specific Exam information listed here, you very well may find this information listed at IC. Yet another reason to become an IC subscriber.

Your experience has real value.

Imagine if you had your current knowledge about the exam before you actually took it. Don't you think it would have helped? Give someone else that advantage by posting your thoughts on what they need to study.

Do you see the potential yet? I do, and it's great!

Let's make it happen!


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