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Official Resources and Tools

This page was created to bring all of the official resources and tools for CLEPs and DSSTs under one roof.

Though both CollegeBoard and Prometric's sites are full of great information and resources; it can be difficult to find what you need sometimes. I'm going to try to keep this simple and easy to use.

CLEP Official Resources and Tools

List of CLEP Exams - Scroll down a bit in order to see them, but clicking on a title will take you to that exam's information page. There's really nothing that hasn't already been covered in the free CLEP study guides

ACE-Recommended Passing Scores - A handy resources to have. You'll probably get another copy of this list on your score sheets after you've taken a CLEP. Keep in mind this is only ACE's recommended score. Your college may require something different for the credit to be awarded.

List of Colleges that accept CLEP Credit - Useful to run a quick search. Keep in mind that just because your college isn't on the list, doesn't mean they won't accept CLEP credits. Make sure you check with your advisor for the real scoop. If your college doesn't allow CLEP credit and you don't want to change colleges, ask them about using StraighterLine instead. Less variety, but the credits are transferred from another college versus ACE. Sometimes that matters when a college decides whether to accept them or not.

Test Center Locator - Another very useful tool, but don't give up if you don't see a testing center nearby. Call around to colleges, Vue and even Sylvan centers in your area. Sometimes they'll offer exams though it won't be listed with this tool.

Online and Textbook Resources - I found this of limited use for actual study, but it's a good place to find the recommended textbooks for each exam. Just click on the categories at the bottom to find the exam you're looking for.

CLEP Sampler Software (zipped 9.4 megs) - I've never had any luck getting this to actually work, but evidently others have. This is just a small demo of what the CLEP exam actually looks like when you're testing. Won't help you study, but at least shows you what you're in for if this is your first CLEP. I think it hates Vista/Windows 7. You may need to be running XP (compatibility mode doesn't work for me either).

More official resources and tools for CLEP to come as we find them.

DSST Official Resources and Tools

List of DSST Exams - Scroll down a bit to see them, but they're all there. Click on a title to download a copy of the PDF. Most of this information can be found on our free DSST study guides, but the practice questions at the bottom are a nice resource.

DSST Find a School and Testing Center Tool - This tool pulls double-duty. It will list the schools that both administer DSST exams as well as those which accept the credits from those exams. As noted above for the CLEP exams, just because a nearby place doesn't pop up on the tool; don't give up hope. Call around to the colleges and local prometric testing centers.

ACE-Recommended Passing Scores - Another nice resource to have on hand. As mentioned for the CLEP list, this is only the ACE recommended scores. Your school may require something different. Be sure to ask!

One thing you should know about both the CLEP and DSST official resources and tools. The college locator for both exams also gives the testing code for the college. When you look up your college using those tools, pay attention to the numbers at the top near the collleges name (usually a four or five digit number). That's the school code that you'll need to enter when you take your exam.

More DSST official resources and tools to come as we find them. Got something cool to share? Let us know via the "Contact Us" form at the top!

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