French Language CLEP
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French Language CLEP Study Guide

Name of Exam: French Language CLEP

Number of Questions: 120

Time Limit: 90 Minutes

ACE Recommended Passing Score: 50 for six credits, 59 for twelve credits!

Practice Test Available?: No

Cost: $80 + Sitting Fee (Usually no more than $20) at your testing site. Military can take CLEPs for free with Tuition Assistance. Check with your Educational Officer!

Difficulty 1-5 : Depends on your French ;)
(One being the easiest, and five being the hardest)

Exam Description:

The French Language CLEP tests your knowledge in speaking, and reading French.

Personal Thoughts:

My advice for these is the same no matter what language you're thinking about taking. If you've ever taken a year of this particular foreign language in high school, then you should at least attempt the exam. If your family ever uses the foreign language in the house, you should definitely attempt the exam. I don't care if your family has made fun of your horrible accent for your entire life, and you can only understand two words out of five. You should really at least attempt the exam.

For military this is truly a no-brainer. The exam doesn't cost you anything, but you have the chance of picking up at a minimum 6, and possibly 12 elective credits just for showing you can understand enough of that language to pass. Please... if you have any experience with the language, then at least attempt the exam.

Exam breakdown:

According to the College Board website, the French Language CLEP exam is broken down as follows:

25%Listening: Dialogue and Narratives
15%Listening: Rejoiners

Areas of Study

A few of the topics that you will need to know are:

  • Discrete sentence reading (vocabulary and structure)
  • Short cloze reading (Fill in the missing words)
  • Reading passages (reading comprehension)
  • Choosing answers to questions based on spoken selections
  • Choosing the best response to short spoken prompts

Free Study Resources

Click on the titles to go to the study resource. Free French Lessons - You can use this to brush up. It's free, and covers most of the everyday conversation words. - A good place to brush up on your French or just learn it from scratch. Has a few quizzes and such.

French Proficiency Tests and Quizzes - has quite a few links to various tests and quizes. See how you do, and then.... go attempt the French Language CLEP! Are you sensing a trend yet? ;)

Learning French - Another resource.

Recommended bargain-priced study resources

No recommended bargain based resources here. You really don't need them with all the free online options for brushing up.

Closing Thoughts

Seriously.... go attempt the CLEP if you know even a little bit of French. Even if you're not in the military and the money comes from your own pocket, that's a potential twelve credits for $100. You can't find a better deal than that when it comes to college credit.

Best of luck! Or I should say, "Bonne chance!" (Hat-tip to Anne for the spelling correction!)

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