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World Religions DSST, 464

by Grannie

Thanks again for the free-clep-prep study guide info -- everything said was right on the nose for the version I had!

I studied Instantcert once thru, used Snagglefrag's notes, reviewed a couple things on wikip, probably shoulda saved my 5 bucks on the practice test. My version had 94 questions--estimate about 60 were straightforward, so about 34 were a little trickier and had to go back and think, less than a handful had to totally guess.

This kinda test feeds my testing addiction ... college math uh not so much! :D

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Nov 08, 2010
Thanks for Encouragement!!
by: Grannie

Sure do 'preciate the kind wishes!! And this site is GREAT!! Only 4 tests and one class to go here (hopefully)~~yay!

Nov 08, 2010
Congrats on the pass!
by: -Justin

You're really knocking these things out and I'm glad to hear that College Math didn't completely drain you ;)

May there be many more such great scores to come!


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