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This wasn't as bad as I feared

by Lindager
(Western, NJ)

I was very worried before I took this exam, because I had never taken an Excelsior Exam before. I found the warnings about repeating exam info more intimidating, but the exam itself was no harder then any of the TECEP, DSST or CLEP exams. I did start studying for this exam early I ordered or borrowed all of the childrens books they suggest. I read all of them and that was handy. I ordered the first text they suggest because it was fairly old and cheap. I borrowed some other text on the subject and that worked fine. I did pay the $65 for the official ECE practice exams and they are worth it to get a feel for the test.

I ended up not having as much time to study as I had planned because I got a full time teaching job, but I ended up with an A on the exam anyway. I tried to learn at least something about all the topics mentioned in the free Examination Content Guide (a must Have)

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