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Management 63

by Clint
(Austin TX)

Studied the night before and that was it...honestly I felt like I was guessing on more than half of them but I must either be a really good guesser or I retain more info than I think I can. When I clicked that ugly little proceed button on the bottom for the second time and saw the 63 I was immediately flush with excitement. I would not recommend cramming the night before but it sure beats the hell out of spending 10 times as much and more than 3 months for the same result...3 hrs of credit that I will never reference again...maybe.

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Mar 25, 2010
Your last minute study was worth a good 12 points at least! I got a 51, lol.
by: Alex

Good job, man! I did the same thing, except worse (no study at all, thinking "how hard could it be"). Haha. I'm glad you studied man, and I'm glad we both passed. Good stuff!

Jan 05, 2010
Not bad for no study!
by: -Justin

Congrats Clint on the great score! I always recommend people study for their exams, but I must admit I've taken a few exams cold myself. It's always a great feeling when you pull off a pass!

Congrats once again!

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