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Intro to the Modern Middle East DSST, 55

by Grannie

Yay!~~Passed! :)

This should hopefully be my Last test (28 total--18 CLEPs, 10 DSSTs, started testing Apr 09) ... awww (sniff sniff), it's been Fun! ;) May just get that degree before I'm 50 after all~~Yaaaaay!!

Thanks a million to the FCP dude/folks!!! Ooohh how I wish I would've known about FCP long before I found it! Please keep this site up; it's helpful beyond words. Yours and Instantcert are the best things going--what you offer here is incredible without a doubt! ;)

My last little old-homeschool-mom opinionated thing is ...

Please always keep in mind as you're studying different subjects, that Wikipedia articles are random authors' "versions." I have found much (scary) revisionist history (especially so in the Middle East articles). Wikipedia is quick, easy ... all the reasons we all use it, but don't lose sight that it's not the "gospel." ;)

~~Blessings, Grannie
Prov. 2:3-6

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Jan 06, 2011
Luke Ci Facebook ques
by: Grannie

THanks for the flowers! Please copy this comment to Luke...thanks! (Deactivated my FB dealie some time back, SERious time-stealer, at least for me! It was either addict to FB, or addict to test-taking. Found the latter more...everything! :) Sure am gonna miss those personable (ahem) proctors!! ;)

Hey Luke thanks for askin! Need 3 more credits, which will hopefully be one online class, which will hopefully be my entire grade.
(Yes. I picked the eeeeeasiest one I could possibly think of! ;) Shootin to gitrdun maaaaybe Mar/Apr? :)

Jan 06, 2011
by: -Justin

Now that's cause for some celebration! I'm going to miss seeing your constant pass reports, but I can't think of a better reason for them to stop! :D

Thanks for the kind words and all the feedback you've given! By the way, you've got more congratulations and a question from a person on Facebook asking about how many credits you have left:

Wasn't sure if you're a facebook user or not, but if not, you can answer him here if you like and I'll copy your answer over for you.

Stay in touch and let us know when you get that diploma!


Jan 04, 2011
by: LIz

Just wanted to say great job and congrats on your accomplishments!

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