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Free Study Forum Links - Introduction to Music ECE!

by Justin

To get things started, here are some resources found on the free section of InstantCert. There are some mentions of the Exam Specific Threads, but I've tried to keep those to a minimum. As always, I would recommend subscribing to IC so you can get access to the actual Exam Specific thread. If you do decide to go that route, make sure you use the discount code found here: Instant Cert Discount Code.

On to the free stuff: (Ouch, not much at all for this one)

About AP Music exam, but covers some of the same information

Excelsior Intro to Music

A Penn Foster Alternative

AP Music Theory Exam - A brief write up. Covers some of the same information as the Intro to Music ECE.

A download of the AP Music Theory Course Description

AP Music Theory Study Guide - Some good information here.

More to come as I find them.


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