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College Mathematics CLEP Passed!

by Alex
(Dayton, OH, USA)

So I'm in the Air Force right now working on my CCAF degree. The best way to get that finished up right now is CLEPing; and what better way to earn college credit is there anyway, right? Well, after I finish this degree up, I'll be moving forward to complete a bachelor's. My major for that degree isn't set in stone yet, but taking these CLEPs is a no-brainer! I'm loving it!

I needed at least 3 credits in math, so I decided to take this CLEP. I'm kind of a risk-taker - a little overconfident in my memory from past schooling, so I studied for about 1 hour before taking the test. I should probably stop doing that, and spend at least a day or two in advance studying, but for now, it's working! I passed with a score of 59 - not bad for a guy who hasn't taken a math class since 2005!

In celebration, I called my dad, and then headed out to lunch!

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Apr 16, 2010
Was that 59 or 59%?
by: -Justin

The scores on CLEP exams go from 20 to 80. It's scaled, so his 59 doesn't translate into percentages very well. Considering the passing score (According to ACE) for this particular exam is a 50, he did quite well.

I know that probably didn't give you the exact answer you're looking for, but the way they score doesn't help matters. I look at it like this:

A minimum CLEP pass according to the American Counsel on Education means you have at least a "C level" understanding of the subject material. Since a C equates to a 70% at most universities, one could theorize that you'd need at least 70% to pass the CLEP. Of course, one would be wrong ;) Just as there are bell curves in many classrooms based on average passing rates, CLEP does the same thing. Still, if you want to shoot for a percentage of correct answers, the 70% probably wouldn't hurt.

Hope that helps,


Apr 13, 2010
College Math Clep Pass Percentage
by: Anonymous

Was that 59 out of 60 or 59%?
I'm taking it next week and trying to get an idea of what percentage is required to pass.

Mar 28, 2010
Not bad at all!
by: Justin

Great job Alex! Obviously you're much more comfortable at math than I am!

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