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College Math CLEP, 54

by Grannie

It was the lowest score I've made out of 23 tests ... but just So GLad to have passed it! :)

My math skills were so poor and extremely rusty that I had zero confidence I would be able to pass the CLEP, so I started ALEKS. But the incredible time involved for ALEKS wasn't a good fit for me, and I felt the slow loss of previously hard-earned test-taking skills dwindling with each passing week. So after 6 fairly frustrating weeks, decided instead to try to comprehend/study-up and chance/tackle the CLEP. I thought the test was of pretty high difficulty, and I would like to comment that I personally was more discouraged than helped by these particular Petersen's practice tests, especially the second one (ugh). The Comex and Cracking were definitely the most helpful practice tests for me ... and Thank you So Much free-clep-prep dude for the Amazingly Helpful study guide!! :)

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