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LIfe is good

LIfe is good

Took the test yesterday.. got a raw score of 60 and a ACE score of 50. Not pretty but DONE!!!

Excelsior will give me a big 'P' as in Pass.. that is all I need to know.. The test was a bit harder than I thought. I was ready or so I thought and I kept getting this one Theorist that I had not boned up on. I was pretty sure I was ready for most of the big guns on Developmental theory but I did find one or two I was a bit lacking on.. and This Guy kept coming up and up in questions.. the one I was not ready for.. I think I just got a test that featured this guy. So my advice.. Be ready and read up on all the theory guys.. I used IC and REA and notes found on this site. They really, really did the trick. I studied for about 20 hours for this one.. but if I had to do it again I would double that.. hope that helps

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