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CLEP Calculus 70

by MG

I took this yesterday morning, sure that my school would accept it. Got over there and they've changed their minds :(

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Aug 21, 2010
by: -Justin

Sorry to hear about the school's decision to not accept the credits. This is a constant danger but there is a lesson here.

First of all, make sure you get any communication with your school about accepting credits in writing. Even if they tell you verbally, follow up with an Email saying something like: "Just so I know I understood you correctly, you said these exams would count towards (whatever), right?". They still may change their mind, but it'll be harder for someone to admit they made a mistake when you have the proof (with their name on it) staring them in the face.

Secondly, don't give up just yet. That's a great score on a very hard exam. Ask your advisor why the school isn't accepting the test. Then go ask another advisor and be ready to show them the ACE recommendation for the Calculus CLEP. If they still won't budge, ask them if it's because the CLEP doesn't match up with the exact requirements for the school's Calculus course? If so, is there another course it could count towards, even if it's just general elective credits? At least you'd get something out of it.

Once again, great score on this exam. I hope the school decides to change its mind yet again and allows the credits to stay.


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