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biology 1 & 2 53

by Jezebel
(Amarillo TX)

This was my first CLEP I have ever taken. I took about two days of a biology course before I realized that it was going to be a class I was going to put off until it was almost time.. Plus there were no worth while classes for online awesomeness. So I gave myself 7 days to learn whatever I needed to know about biology.. while maintaining 2 jobs and going to school full time.. the day before the test I thought there is no way I will pass so I gave myself one more week to study.. I went in and did a lot of educated guesses because I only knew what 2 weeks would teach me.. came out with a 53.. That is two classes I didn't have to pay for!!! Best of all I didn't have to spend 32 weeks learning the information. So HOORAY for CLEP!

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