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Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

by Nicole
(Laguna Niguel, CA)

Hi Justin-

I just passed my first CLEP test in Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, and received a score of 65!

My suggestions to anyone preparing for this test is to know your literary terms (there is an excellent list on this site.) along with taking as many practice exams as you can. I used the test in the Official CLEP Guide, as well as the REA tests and the free Petersons tests through this site. I suggest going back and reviewing all the missed answers before moving on. Once I scored at least a 60 on two exams, I felt I was ready.

These exams mirror the actual test and were the best preparation for the exam.

Because I work, as well as this being my first test, I took four weeks to prepare. I am hoping to reduce the time in half now that I have a feel for the process.

I am on to Western Civilization!

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