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What is Site Build It?

The success of Free-Clep-Prep has been overwhelming so far. Each of our visitors adds to that success, so please let me say

"Thank you for helping Free Clep Prep grow!"

Since day one, our daily traffic has been increasing non-stop. With that traffic comes questions via the Contact Us form.

Along with the usual exam questions, I get quite a few people asking about the site itself, how it was created, and how I advertise.

I'm always happy to answer those questions since it lets me introduce them to Site Build It. In terms of advertising, I spend zero money. Almost all of the traffic comes from the search engines. Chances are good that you found this site that way yourself. The fact that you did is mainly thanks to Site Build It. In my humble opinion, SBI is one of the coolest things on the Internet.

Why do I say that? If you've ever been interested in making your own website, keep reading.

The Old Way of Creating a Website

Starting a website is an interesting exercise for the beginner. In today's world, you can get a web address and hosting for less than $15 a month. Now you have a website! A blank... very lonely... website.

This is usually when all those extras start getting added on:

  • Do you want a site without any hosting ads? That'll be a little extra.
  • How about traffic stats? That'll cost you.
  • Oh, you want newsletter capability? Ka-Ching!

GoDaddy is awesome at this kind of upselling. I've spent some serious money with those folks. Then comes the joys of learning HTML, and buying or finding web software to build your site.

So now you have a nice shiny site.... but nobody is visiting it! Where's all the traffic? So you fork over some money for advertising, and your traffic spikes! Woot! You're getting visitors! Unfortunately they all stop coming once your advertising money runs out. So you spend a little more. There's the traffic again! Whoops, it's gone again. Up and down, and all the while you're spending money.

I know this because I've been there. FCP is my fourth site, and it gets more traffic in a day then all of my other sites did during their lifetimes. The crazy part? I spend no money on advertising! It kind of upsets me when I think of all the money I wasted before.

The Site Build It! Difference

Site Build It! does things a little differently. It doesn't just build websites. It builds web presence. It includes every tool you'll need to succeed for a fraction of the price. More importantly it teaches you how to use those tools to carve yourself a piece of the Internet pie.

I'll spare you the suspense now - There is no secret formula with Site Build It!. Speaking as someone who has tried the "Fast Pace" method, I can tell you it rarely works. Site Build It's 10-step Action Guide, if followed, will virtually guarantee your website's success. It's just that easy. Follow the steps and you will get traffic. Free, organic traffic.

The second reason I'm so thankful I've found SBI! is the community. Anyone who knows how I feel about InstantCert should already know that I love a helpful community. Success is sooooo much easier when you have a support system. I like to read about other's success, ask a few questions, and get quick answers. The SBI! community is a great one, and I'm going to need years to pay forward all the help I've gotten from those people. Try and find that at most hosting sites!

You may be looking to build a web-based business. Or like me with you may want a website that you're passionate about. Or maybe you want both! Whatever the motivation, Site Build It! can give you the tools make it a success. Oh, did I mention it's dirt cheap? Is it a wonder that I'm a fan?

Check it out!

Wishing you nothing but success in all of your ventures.


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