Clep Study Guide Poll

clep study guide poll

Alright folks, time to make your voices heard with the Clep Study Guide Poll!

I've been experimenting with study guide formats for the last few weeks, and I've narrowed it down to three finalists. I'd like you to help me pick which one we go with from here.

Take a look at each of the following study guides and let me know which would help you best prepare for a CLEP exam. Each link will open in a new window so give them all a look.

Clep Study Guide Poll Option #1

History of the United States I Free CLEP Study Guide - A simpler approach. A partial list of topics on the exam, with some free resources to find them.

  • Pro's - Bite sized for easy reading
  • Con's - Will get you started, but almost certainly isn't enough on its own for a pass

Clep Study Guide Poll Option #2

Precalculus Free CLEP Study Guide - More of a middle of the road solution. Lists everything that CollegeBoard says is on the exam, and breaks it down by category. Still waits until the end to give the free resources where you can find some of those items.

  • Pro's - More topic information then the first choice. Breaks it down by subject.
  • Con's - As before, will get you started, but probably isn't enough on its own for a pass. If you do your own resource digging for the topics that aren't available in the free resources then you'll be much better off.

Clep Study Guide Poll Option #3

Biology Free CLEP Study Guide - Death by resources! Lists everything that CollegeBoard says is on the exam, plus gives an immediate resource to find each topic as you read through.

  • Pro's - Obviously gives you a resource for every topic listed. Puts you closer to passing then either of the other two options.
  • Con's - Contains a lot of information, and I'm worried people will have a hard time getting through it all. Too many resources perhaps?

I'm kind of partial to the Biology CLEP format myself because I like the thoroughness, but my opinion isn't the only one that matters. The poll will close in a couple of weeks and then we'll then see where we're at.

Free Clep was never meant to be a primary source of study, but rather something that you could use to get started and then supplement with more mainstream study material. I hate doing anything halfway though, so if you want the detailed study guides, I'll give them to you.

In any case, thanks for taking the time to vote, and good luck on all your testing!



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